4th Symposium on Redesigning Student Learning Experience in Higher Education (RSLEIHE) – Co-Creating the Future of Education

Date: Saturday, 24 February 2024

Time: 1:30 pm – 5:35 pm (Hong Kong Time, UTC+08:00)

Check-in counter will open at 1pm

Venue: Dr Hari Harilela Lecture Theatre (WLB103), The Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies, Shaw Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University

Registration: https://chtl-bu.hkbu.edu.hk/regworkshop/reg_herdsa2024.php

In this Symposium, 16 shortlisted student project teams from 7 local institutions will present their projects on the following four sub-themes:

  • Curriculum Design/Development
  • Generic Skills/Holistic Competences
  • Technology-Assisted Learning
  • Community Engagement

See the shortlisted projects and their pitching videos here.

RESLEIHE 2023 Shortlisted Projects and Pitching Videos

Breaking News!

We are thrilled to announce that the following 16 student project teams have been shortlisted for the Redesigning Student Learning Experience in Higher Education (RSLEIHE) Awards. The 16 teams will present their project impacts and findings at the 4th Symposium on RSLEIHE on Saturday, 24th February 2024, at Hong Kong Baptist University. Some teams have also developed pitching videos to showcase their projects for People’s Choice Award. Witness their creativity and dedication in the groundbreaking pitches below!

Please join us in supporting the project teams. For registration, please click here!

The HERDSA HK Executive Committee

Project ID Project Title
(Pitching Video)
Theme Institution (Team)
2301 Present AR
(Pitching Video)


  • Mr MA Po Hin
  • Mr HO Pak Yin Scholes
  • Mr DUNG Siu Nam
  • Mr WONG Chik On


  • Mr KWOK Yu Ho
  • Mr LUI Wa Hong
Technology-Assisted Learning Joint (PolyU, IVE, UST)
2302 Personalised Learning: Developing an Adaptive Learning System to Improve Student Performance
(Pitching Video)


  • Mr CHUNG Ming Fai
  • Ms WONG Ka Man


  • Dr LUI Rachel Ka Wai
Technology-Assisted Learning HKU
2303 Project Clinic
(Pitching Video)


  • Ms LIU Xinyao
  • Ms GURR Sien


  • Dr WOO Esther
Community Engagement HKU
2304 EQUAL: Gamification in Medical Education – Promoting Awareness of Healthcare Inequality and Cultivating Empathy
(Pitching Video)


  • Mr LIM Yat Chun
  • Mr CHAN Yik Hin
  • Ms NG Hei Yue, Hayley
  • Ms WONG Sik Yu, Merilyn


  • Dr LUK Po Ling Pauline
  • Dr KHONG Mei Li
Community Engagement HKU
2305 Learning League – Enhancing University Students’ Teaching Experience with Educational AI Technology


  • Ms CHEUNG Tin Nga
  • Mr NG Yu Hong


  • Ms HO Fiona Sze Han
Technology-Assisted Learning UST
2307 Developing a Generative AI Specialised Chatbot for a Freshman English Written Assignment


  • Ms HU Xinyue
  • Mr ZHENG Zian
  • Ms LAM Pok Yu
  • Mr GINNI Vishal


  • Dr WANG Simon
Technology-Assisted Learning BU
2308 Financial Literacy for Students, by Students
(Pitching Video)


  • Ms HE Lewei
  • Ms IP Sze Nga
  • Ms CUI Wenqi


  • Dr GUERRA Archimedes David
Community Engagement BU
2309 Students-as-Transdisciplinary Collaborators: Addressing Global Challenges of “What-We-Wear”
(Pitching Video)


  • Miss LEE Nim Ching Nicole
  • Mr YIN Zhuonan Gibson
  • Mr TSE Cheuk Hang Jason
  • Ms CHAN Lok Yan Kary


  • Ms LEUNG Ka Ying Katrina
  • Dr HO Glos
Curriculum Design/Development BU
2310 Students as Co-Designers – Formalising Student-Educator Partnerships in Curriculum and Pedagogy Co-Creation
(Pitching Video)


  • Mr CHAN Hei Man Winson
  • Mr NG Ka Yu Justin
  • Ms LEE Ka Ching, Monica


  • Dr KHONG Mei Li
Curriculum Design/Development HKU
2311 Modular Educational Escape Rooms: A Scalable Pedagogy for Learning Enhancement


  • Ms LOUIE Yee Lam Jasmine
  • Ms FONG Ya Wen Lauren
  • Ms LING Tienlan Charlotte


  • Dr SEE Christopher
  • Ms LEE Sau Wa Joyce
Generic Skills/Holistic Competences CUHK
2312 Novel Collaborative “Faculty-Student Association” Model for Flexible, Sustainable, and Perpetual Undergraduate Research Opportunities


  • Mr HO Tsi Lok Robert
  • Ms HUNG Yuet Yi Charmaine
  • Mr LING Yan Pui Matthew


  • Dr CHAN Yau Kei Joseph
Generic Skills/Holistic Competences Joint (HKU, CUHK)
2314 Empowering Pre-service Teachers: Digital Global Citizenship Education for Self-directed Learning
(Pitching Video)


  • Mr ZHENG Yuhao
  • Ms WANG Qiya


  • Dr KWOK Lai Yin, Percy
Generic Skills/Holistic Competences EdUHK
2315 Empowering Future Healthcare Professionals: Near-Peer Teaching Program on Telemedicine Communication


  • Ms XIAO Ailin
  • Ms WONG Kwan Tung Teenie


  • Dr CHEUNG Ho Hung Billy
  • Dr YEUNG Pui Ning Pauline
Generic Skills/Holistic Competences HKU
2316 A Brew In Time: The Hong Kong Milk Tea Legacy through a Visual Novel


  • Ms ADZUARA Bianca Nadine
  • Mr KONG Christian
  • Ms TAN Cheuk Lam Maggie
  • Ms HTOO Naw Deborah Moo Gay


  • Dr WANG Simon
Community Engagement BU
2317 Students-as-Partners Co-constructed Assessment Rubrics in Nursing Education


  • Ms CHAN Man Yuet
  • Ms MAK Shun Hei Anastasia
  • Mr CHAN Kin Fung


  • Ms POON P.W. Rebecca
Curriculum Design/Development HKU
2320 Promoting Inter-Cultural Communication and Cultural Competency in Healthcare Students


  • Mr FUNG Kai Hang Timothy
  • Mr CHEUNG Ka Yeung Michael
  • Mr FUNG Cheuk Chin Xavier


  • Dr NGAI Shirley
  • Mr LEUNG Ho Yeung
Generic Skills/Holistic Competences PolyU

HERDSA (Hong Kong) Awards: Redesigning Student Learning Experience in Higher Education (RSLEIHE) 2023

  1. Background

Students as Partners (SaP), also known as Student-Staff Partnership, is drawing more attention across the globe. It emphasises the collaborative relationship between students and teachers for enhancing teaching and learning. Many research studies (Cook-Sather et al., 2014; Matthews, 2016; Mercer-Mapstone et al., 2017) reveal that an affirmative partnership with students prompts teachers to question the assumptions they made about the teaching and learning process, in a way that they do not often make explicit. Thus, the partnership has been recognised as a “transformational ethos and way of working within higher education” (Judd, et al, 2021, p. 73), resulting in educational quality enhancement (for example, positive impacts on student learning, faculty development, curriculum innovation, pedagogical conceptualisation, and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, etc.).

To further promote this partnership in Hong Kong higher education, an award scheme, Redesigning Student Learning Experience in Higher Education (RSLEIHE), was initiated by the Hong Kong Branch of Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA HK Branch) in 2017. Since then, 36 student project teams (including 170 students and staff/faculty in local institutions) conducted evidence-based projects to inform us of their needs, ideas and views on optimal arrangements of university education processes. Over 370 colleagues and students from local and overseas universities participated in the RSLEIHE Symposia. Selected student project reports were documented in the RSLEIHE publications in 2017, 2019 and 2021.

In this Scheme, cash awards will be provided for open competition. The selected teams will be invited to share their experience and ideas in the Symposium on Redesigning Student Learning Experience in Higher Education in January 2024. Selected project reports will be included in the RSLEIHE publication 2023.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Baptist University and The University of Hong Kong are co-organisers of the 4th RSLEIHE in 2023.


  1. Awards and certificates

    Two types of awards are opened for competition:

    Type of Awards


    Distinguish Awards



    1st Runner-up


    2nd Runner-up


    Awards of Merits



    People’s Choice Award


    Distinguished Awards will be judged based on the quality of written report and team presentation in the RSLEIHE Symposium in January 2024. People’s Choice Award (HKD 1,000) will be awarded to the team based on the public vote result in the Symposium.

Participation Certificates will be awarded to the rest of the shortlisted teams to acknowledge the completion of their RSLEIHE projects.

Funding Source

The 4th RSLEIHE Project Scheme and the Symposium are funded by:

    • The University Grant Committee of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region. Teaching Development and Language Enhancement Grant (2022 – 2025 Triennium) – “Co-Creating the Future of Education: A Student Partnership Project”


  1. Eligibility

    All full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students who are studying in local universities or tertiary institutions are invited to form teams to submit project proposals.


  1. Participation

Each team should include at least two students and maximum two academic or professional staff as adviser(s).


  1. Project aim & key words

    The RSLEIHE project aims to create and share local examples of student-centred, student-initiated, future orientated teaching and learning experiences which can engage and empower students and directly meet their future needs in a meaningful manner.

The following key words further illustrate the expectation of the projects:


Student engagement and self-directed learning
Creating learning environments to promote student engagement and self-directed learning
Future-orientated Future trends and meeting future needs
Providing the most relevant learning at the university to meet students’ needs in life and career

Innovative organisation of learning
Providing students with a highly stimulating learning experience that creates a positive impact


  1. Themes of projects

Main theme: Co-Creating the Future of Education

Students can propose any meaningful learning experiences which address the project aim (Section 5) and the main theme. These projects can be student exploration of innovative learning opportunities, mini-research study, or others.

To understand students’ views on current innovations in higher education, following sub-themes are encouraged in this round:

    • Pedagogical Change in the Post-Pandemic World
    • Alternative/Authentic Assessment
    • Holistic Competences/Graduate Attributes
    • Self-regulated Learning
    • Student Development Programmes
    • Other education innovations


  1. Duration of project

    The project should last for at least one semester. Each approved project should be completed by the end of November 2023.


  1. Timeline



2023 20 March – 30 April Call for Project Proposal


May Result Announcement and Project Team Confirmation


Early June Co-creation Training Programme
(by separate invitation only)


July – August Project Preparation


September – November Project Implementation


December Project Written Report Submission
2024 January The 4th RSLEIHE Symposium (team presentations)


February – March

Project report revision for publication
(by separate invitation only)


  1. Language

    The proposal, report and presentation must be presented in English.


  1. Proposal

    The project proposal should address following contents. It should be within 720 words in total (around 100-120 words for each section). The project proposal should be submitted through the online proposal submission form by Sunday, 30 April 2023.
    • Overview, purpose(s) and expected outcomes of the project
      What are you planning to do and for what purpose(s)? What are the expected outcomes?
    • Rationale
      Why is the project so important for student learning in higher education?
    • Implementation
      How would you carry out this project? What are the steps involved?
    • Evaluation
      How would you collect evidence to show the success and impact of your project?
    • Endeavours for success
      Will there be any problems that would inhibit the success of the project? How would you prevent these problems and solve them?
    • Expected roles and contribution of the student team members
      What are the expected roles of the student members in the project? What contribution are they expected to make to the project?


  1. Proposal selection criteria

    The submitted proposals will be reviewed by the Committee based on three related criteria:
    • Evidence of needs and benefits
    • Potential impact
    • Quality of design and feasibility


  1. Enquiry

For enquiries, please send an e-mail to herdsa.hk@gmail.com.


  1. Criteria of awards

    The awards will be presented based on the quality of an individual project in terms of its:
    • Achievement of the aim of the RSLEIHE project (please refer to Project aim & key words and Themes of projects)
    • Implementation of the project and the learning from the SaP or student-staff partnership process
    • Implications and recommendations for teaching & learning in higher education as indicated in the team written report (70%) and presentation (30%).


  1. Report & presentation

The team report (3 to 4 pages) should be submitted by December 2023. A report template will be provided at a later stage. Major contents of the report include:

    • Project Objectives
    • Project Methodology/Process
    • Project Evaluation, Results and Findings (should be evidence-based)
    • Project Impact (Learning and Reflection) *
    • Implications and Recommendations for Teaching & Learning in Higher Education *

*The last two parts should be presented in a detailed manner.

Based on the report, the team will make a 10-minute presentation followed by a 2-minute Q&A session in the RSLEIHE Symposium to be held in January 2024. All student team members are expected to take part in the presentation.


  1. Online Briefing session

To help candidates understand the details of the 4th RSLEIHE scheme, an online briefing session will be organised for students and advisers.

    • Date: Monday, 3 April 2023
    • Time: 5:30 – 6:30 pm
    • Registration:
      Please complete the online registration form. A Zoom meeting link will be sent to registered participants near the event date.


  1. Selected resources regarding Student as Partners or Student-Staff Partnership 

Cook-Sather, A., Bovill, C., and Felten, P. (2014). Engaging students as partners in learning and teaching: a guide for faculty. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Flint, A. (2015) Preface: Students and staff as partners in innovation and change. Journal of Educational Innovation, Partnership and Change, 1(1).

Healey, M., Flint, A., & Harrington, K. (2014). Engagement through partnership: Students as partners in learning and teaching in higher education. York: Higher Education Academy. Retrieved from https://www.heacademy.ac.uk/engagement-through-partnership-students-partners-learning-and-teaching-higher-education

Judd, M., Spinelli, F., Szucs, B., Crisp, N., Groening, J., Collis, C., Batorowicz, B., Willox, D., & Richards, A. (2021). Learning from the pandemic: The impacts of moving student-staff partnership online, Student Success, 12(3), 73-83.

Matthews, K. E. (2016). Students as partners as the future of student engagement. Student Engagement in Higher Education Journal, 1(1) 1-5. Retrieved from https://journals.gre.ac.uk/index.php/raise

Mercer-Mapstone, Drovakova, S. L., Matthews, K. E., Abbot, S., Cheng, B., Felten, P., Knorr, K., Marquis, E., Shammas, R., & Swaim, K. (2017). A systematic Literature Review of Students as Partners in Higher Education. International Journal for Students as Partners, 1(1), 1–23.

HERDSA Webinar Series 2022

Developing Student Agency through Student-as-Partners Projects

Date: Thursday 5 May 2022
Time: 1:00 – 2:00pm AEST (UTC+10)
11:00am – 12:00noon HKT (UTC+8)
Format: Online (via Zoom)
Language: English
Speakers: HERDSA Hong Kong Branch Research Team
Event Website: https://www.cuhk-tlcop.net/news-and-events/herdsa_webinar2022_sap

Hosted by HERDSA Hong Kong Branch in collaboration with The Teaching and Learning Community of Practice (T&L CoP), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

This event will be held using Zoom video conferencing software. Please register here to obtain the Zoom login link and passcode.

Redesign of Student Learning Experience in Higher Education 2021 Results

Click the award to see the photo of the team. The group photo is also available here.

Award Institution Project Topic Student Team
Winner The University of Hong Kong Students as Educators: Pedagogical innovation through a student-driven near-peer teaching (NPT) initiative for medical students Team 6 members:
CHAN Hui Yan Vernice and CHAN Hui Yi Evelyn
Project Adviser:
Dr Julie CHEN
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine
First Runner-up The University of Hong Kong Gamification of Empathy Learning in Medical Education Team 16 members:
TSUI Ming Yan Serena and TANG Fong Yi Fanny
Project Adviser:
Dr Julie CHEN
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine
Second Runner-up The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Gamification in a laboratory course Team 5 members:
CHOW Chun Sing and YEUNG Tsz Ching
Project Advisers:
Dr LAM Ka Sin,
Miss KWOK Wun Wun
Department of Ocean Science
People’s Choice The University of Hong Kong Students as Educators: Pedagogical innovation through a student-driven near-peer teaching (NPT) initiative for medical students Team 6 members:
CHAN Hui Yan Vernice and CHAN Hui Yi Evelyn
Project Adviser:
Dr Julie CHEN
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine
Merit The University of Hong Kong “WeTogether – Engaging University Students in Online Mentoring to Remedy COVID Learning Loss for Disadvantaged School Pupils” Team 2 members:
LEE Katherine KW, WONG Hannah YH, LUO Jiahui
Project Adviser:
Dr Cecilia CHAN
Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning
Merit The Chinese University of Hong Kong Transforming Legal Education in Hong Kong: Facilitating Students Participation and Engagement in Online Classroom Discussions Team 4 members:
SONKAR Sumit and CHOY Lai Yee
Project Adviser:
Professor Michael LOWER
Faculty of Law
Merit The Education University of Hong Kong Building a Community of Practice (CoP) for pre-service teachers to support online teaching and learning Team 8 members:
CHAN Chun Wa, FAN Hiu Lam, SO Fei Sophie, TO Cheuk Ying, TONG Nga Sin and WONG Kai Yi
Project Adviser:
Dr Sophia LAM
Department of Chinese Language Studies
Merit The University of Hong Kong Trans-forMEr – Training for Future Human Relations Leaders in Healthcare Profession Team 9 members:
LI Hei Long Jackie, LI Pui Yi, ASIF Kainaat, FAN Sze Lok Zoe, GO Ming Yeung and SIU Tsz Kar
Project Adviser:
Dr Pauline LUK
Bau Institute of Medical and Health Sciences Education
Merit The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology META – Innovating Case Teaching and Learning Under the New Normal Team 11 members:
CHAN Wai Yee and Inika KANDWAL
Project Adviser:
WONG Ka Lei James
MOK Ho Ying
Division of Social Science
Merit The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Development of an augmented reality tool for enhancing scientific and engineering education Team 17 members:
PARK Jungjin, LIU Kai Kong, YIM Shung Chit, WOO Hoi Hin, LAM Hei Cheuk, KAN Ho Hung and Jasmine June ALBERTS
Project Adviser:
Professor Larry LI

RSLEIHE 2021 Short-listed Proposals

HERDSA Hong Kong Branch
Redesigning Student Learning Experience in Higher Education (RSLEIHE)
Project Award Scheme 2021

Short-listed Proposals

The Selection Committee is pleased to announce that a total of 17 proposals have been selected to participate in the RSLEIHE Project Award Scheme 2021. The list of proposals is shown in the table below:

Team ID Project Name Institution
1 Uth Volunteer CUHK
2 WeTogether – Engaging University Students in Online Mentoring to Remedy COVID Learning Loss for Disadvantaged School Pupils HKU
4 Transforming Legal Education in Hong Kong: Facilitating Students Participation and Engagement in Online Classroom Discussions CUHK
5 Gamification in a Laboratory Course HKUST
6 Students as Educators: Pedagogical innovation through a Student-Driven Near-peer Teaching (NPT) Initiative for Medical Students HKU
8 Building a Community of Practice (CoP) for Pre-service Teachers to Support Online Teaching and Learning EdUHK
9 Trans-forMEr-Training for Future Human Relations Leaders in Healthcare Profession HKU
10 Using Gamification to Enhance Students’ Course Engagement, Intrinsic Motivation, and Learning Performance in Online Learning HKU
11 META – Innovating Case Teaching and Learning Under the New Normal HKUST
12 Flip Your Class: Teaching to Learn, Learning to Teach HKU
14 ”Smart” Technology Learning with Virtual Hands-on Experience HKUST
16 Gamification of Empathy Learning in Medical Education HKU
17 Development of an AR-based Communication Tool for Scientists and Engineers HKUST
18 Computing Learning Channel PolyU
20 Crystal clear! A Self-discovery Journey through Digital Storytelling and Self-empowerment Workshop HKU
21 Faculty-student Co-creating New Pedagogy for the New Reality Initiative HKBU
22 Miles Apart, Close at Heart: Cross-cultural Friendships for Enhancing Intercultural Communication Competence OUHK

Selection Committee for HERDSA (Hong Kong) Awards for Student Projects
21 February 2021